2 WORLDS (audio)

There are two worlds/realms.

The natural realm(what we can see, feel, taste, touch, and smell) and the spiritual/supernatural, which those who operate in the natural(that is to say flesh or carnal mind) cannot perceive. Good and evil exists in both. The devil wants to keep people in darkness and living in defeat and hopelessness (without a revelation of Christ) and focused on problems we face(rather than on Christ) which results in people fighting with human strength and worrying about issues in life rather than conquering them with the help of Christ. Mere human abilities are no match for our arch enemy Satan. For these very reasons many people go to their graves prematurely. Satan(the devil) operates in the dark(evil) and devious realm while pure light emanates from God. Jesus is so Good!! The power of Satan and his demons is no match for God the Father, God the Son(Jesus), and God the Holy Spirit. God’s angels assist those who give their hearts to Christ. Please listen carefully as we just begin to scratch the surface on very serious matters. Although we all face challenges we can have victory in every area of our lives. Please be advised that you may have to click the play button several times in order to hear the entire message. May God bless you so much as you listen.