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Prophecies in the Old Testament which were fulfilled by Christ in the New Testament irrefutably prove that Jesus is The True Messiah. Below are just some of the many predictions made about The Messiah. While the odds of one prophecy coming to pass is almost incalculable, Jesus, during His earthly pilgrimage fulfilled over 300. Please see just a very small portion listed below. You must get a Bible and begin your own study. I would add that there are many good Bible believing churches around. It is so important to get into a good Bible study where teachers are anointed by the Holy Spirit.

Old Testament ________________________ + New Testament

Numbers 24:17                 Birth Star                         Matthew 2:1-2

Micah 5:2                           Birth Place                       Luke 2:4-7

Genesis 22:18                   Abraham’s Seed              Luke 2:23-24 

Isaiah 7:14                        Virgin Birth                      Matthew 1:22-23 

Deuteronomy 18:15          A Prophet                        Acts 3:20,26

Isaiah 53:4                        A Healer                           Matthew 18:16-17 

Zechariah 9:9                    Triumphal Entry               Matthew 21:1-5 

Psalm 69:9                        Cleaned Temple               John 2:14-17  

Daniel 9:26-27                  Date of Death                  Matthew 26:2  

Zechariah 11:12-13          Betrayal                           Matthew 27:3-7 

Psalm 22:16                      Pierced Hands                 John 20:25   

Psalm 22:18                      Lots for Clothing              Matthew 27:3

Isaiah 53:12
                      Prayer for Enemies         Luke 23:34

Psalm 69:21                      Gall to Drink                    Matthew 27:34 

Psalm 18:6                        Death Cry                         Matthew 27:46

Isaiah 53:9,12                  Death with Criminals       Luke 23:33

Isaiah 53:9                       Burial with Rich                John 19:38-41

Exodus 12:43,46              No Bone Broken               John 19:32-37

Isaiah 53:4-6,12              Sin Bearer                        John 1:29

Hosea 6:2                         Resurrected 3rd                1 Corinthians 15:3-8

Jesus loves you!