Working in the field of human services, aiding others, is the highest position in life. Helping brothers and sisters, men and women, boys and girls to meet their needs and become stronger in every area of their lives is ideal. Doing unto others, “As you would have them do unto you,” is the way to live life. It brings me great joy when people succeed!

Ideally everyone should love and care just as much for the next person as for themselves. Everyone has just as much right as the next person to have his or her basic needs met. All humankind should prioritize helping others in life.

It continues to be a very challenging time for people all over the world as issues continue with the Coronavirus. Until such time as this situation has been rectified, we should continue to make every effort to provide proper care for people and to ensure their safety and comfort.  In short, we are “Our Brother’s Keeper.”

Given the present spiritual condition of people all over the world and the outbreak of this newly identified virus there has never been a greater time for genuine prayer than right now! Prayer coupled with the effort to find a cure for the Coronavirus is of greatest urgency. This does not mean some hope it works approach, equivalent to luck, but this is all out prayer to the True and Living God who has the desire and ability to heal all of mankind’s maladies, including sin. While he gives people scientific abilities, he also does miracles. In whatever way he allows us to defeat this enemy, whether he helps someone to come up with a cure or simply, and profoundly, provides a miracle he is the only one who can truly provide the cure. Let us seek him.