From a Husband to his Wife

From a Husband to his Wife

“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

It is with great pleasure that I present this award, “LADY OF A LIFETIME,” to you for your continued outstanding service to God, your immediate and extended families, the human race and all of God’s creation. Your way of life is truly exemplary. From the moment I laid eyes upon you I saw something very special about you. There is a holy anointing upon your life and God most certainly has even better days ahead for you. I’m sure that your dad and mom will be able to recall a special strength and unrelenting sort of persistence in you as a child. Your raw beauty and seemingly unquenchable thirst for adventure is surpassed only by your beauty. Your are truly a very gifted individual. To watch the way you effortlessly express your love toward everyone you come in contact with is remarkable. It could only be that the Hand of God is so heavily upon your life. Everyone who comes in contact with you can sense a special kind of awe about you. As you get closer to the half century mark you’re getting more and more beautiful. God has kept you so young and sparkling. You’re bubbling over with His joy. You’re so immersed in His peace that passes all understanding. Sweetheart, God knew you before your were even in your mother’s womb and his plans for you have always been to bless you. You are so unique. In all the world there is no one else like you.

Think about this my little kumquat:

If you were a horse instead of a woman,
You would be the most beautiful filly in all the land,
If you were an amphibious creature explorers would search the oceans through,
Each would spend a lifetime just to get one look at you,
Because of your beauty, if you were a clock people would be forced to stop what their doing and watch you all day long,
As a judge in the court of law, those who are evil would be afraid because you would right every wrong,
If I had a nickel for every kind act you’ve committed just today,
Why I’d have enough money to feed the world and to make sure that everyone was okay,
If you were ever to move from Boston to somewhere near or far away,
Your new neighbors would have a sense of comfort, because of your presence, that everything would be okay,
Rarer than the most precious jewel are times when you slow down to rest,
Darling, I believe for people like you God has truly reserved His best,

Honey, I love you, the children love you, and we wish you the very best birthday ever.   Happy Birthday!!

Jesus loves you.