What is the Church?

The Church is the “body of Christ.” it can be a group of two ore three Christians meeting in a modest house, or an assembly of thousands meeting in a beautiful sanctuary. According to Matthew 18:19-20, as long as we gather in Jesus’ name, He w ill be in our midst.

Why is church membership so important?

As Christians, fellowship with other believers is essential to our spiritual growth. (Hebrews 10:25). We should not be isolated from the rest of the body of Christ, but should share our gifts and wisdom so that others might benefit (1 Corinthians 12:7).

Worshipping together unites our voices and hearts in praise. Hearing the Word of God together feeds our spirits. Praying together encourages the sharing of our burdens. And finally, listening to the testimonies of others strengthens our faith.

How do you choose a local church that’s right for you?

Choosing the right church is one of the most important decisions you and your family will ever make. Ask the holy Spirit for guidance, and then consider the following import factors:

1. Fellowship. If you’re seeking an active church, look for one that conducts regular and frequent gatherings. You may also want a church where a variety of activities are offered, such as children’s clubs, youth groups, church picnics, vacation Bible school and mission trips. Bible studies or home fellowship groups are also key ingredients of meaningful fellowship. They will strengthen your faith and allow you to develop lasting relationships with other believers.

2. Leadership. Can you respect the pastor? Do the church leaders demonstrate a godly lifestyle? Hebrews 13:17). Everyone involved in the leadership of a church should know God and believe in the truth of His Word.

3. Ministry. Look for a place where you can not only be served, but serve. Find out how you can use your talents and minister to others. Aside from needing teachers and singers, many churches need people with organizational, leadership and planning skills.

4. Doctrine. Select a church that believes that the Holy Spirit is at work in the lives of Christians today. This view includes a belief in the power of prayer for salvation, healing and God’s direct intervention in our lives. A time of worship, praise and prayer should be a central part of the service. And you may also want to review the church’s statement of faith.

5. Church Size. Two things should guide you when deciding whether to join a large or small church: the Holy Spirit and the specific needs of you and your family.

There are advantages to both small and large churches. The intimacy of a smaller church offers a greater opportunity for individual care, and will often give you a better chance to develop relationships with other members. Bigger churches have the resources to undertake larger projects, and usually offer a wider range of activities and ministry opportunities to their members.

Ultimately, you should worship in a place where you feel the presence and the power of God. Through Him, you will develop into the person He wants you to be, ready to meet the challenges of daily living. And as an active member of a church family, your life will be enriched through the transforming power of united worship.

If you need prayer for your life, call 1-800-759-0700.

This information has been provided by CBN (The Christian Broadcasting Network).

If you call the above listed 800 number they will provide you with a list of local churches that meet the immeasurably important criteria aforementioned for a Christ centered church.

I love you, we love you, Jesus loves you, and God has awesome plans for you!