The best thing you can do for anyone else is help them to see the truth about living and everything else.  If you do not understand who you are you cannot understand the rest of life. Where did I come from, why am I here, how do I find my purpose for living, How do I practice borders, and how can I live and let live?

1. I want to be respectful to God and other people.


2. I want to be careful not to invade the space of others.


3. I want to always be one who speaks, “The truth in love” (Ephesians 4:15).


4. I want to encourage each person to discover his or her purpose in life.


5. I want to help each one to experience, “Joy unspeakable and full of glory” (1 Peter 1:8).


6. I want to be of assistance in some way to everyone I come into contact with.

Understanding what it means to help others is so crucial because being humble does not mean being a doormat.

Some Examples of Helping:

If a person on the street says, “I’m hungry, can you give me some money for food.” If it is quite clear that some sort of sustenance is needed immediately you might offer to go into a local store or restaurant and purchase items to help that person. If that person is not in dire straights (about to feint due to lack of nourishment) you might direct them to another source (a local shelter for room, food, and clothing) and even offer to follow up with him or her if possible. If you are going to help people, the best way is also to be on guard for those who are up to no good. Some people hurt themselves by using any money they get for the purpose of getting drugs. You do not want to be responsible for someone possibly overdosing or even enabling them to continue to abuse illegal substances.

You want to always have a clear conscience. In a certain rehab program where this writer was employed sometimes clients would leave too soon before completing the minimum time required or much needed time for rehab or official graduation. This could be because the person used drugs illigally or his parole ended (meaning that he was no longer mandated to be in the program), or for some other reason. Whatever the case I would do self-inventory. This means asking myself, “What did I do to lend or not lend to the situation?” When I was sure that I had treated that person with the utmost respect and offered constant encouragement (which was a constant with me because I already have my mind made up to help all who I come into contact with for the rest of my life) I could rest with that, knowing that I had done my part to help.


A wise man told me that, “When you see trouble go the other way.” These are some of the wisest instructions that I ever received. By adhering to this advice, it has kept me from a lot of dangers which might have even meant my death. When a person receives good teaching and adheres to it, this adds both wisdom and years to that individual’s life. This might sometimes mean separating from some people viewed as your closest friends depending on the situations in life. If what someone wants you to do compromises your value system you must refuse. If this type of thing persists you will have to sever your relationship with that person. Whatever you do must match your faith in God and not violate His instructions given to us in the Bible.

I love you, Jesus loves you, and God has awesome plans for you!