PRAISE REPORTS!


Anthony’s brain surgery went extremely well. The doctor’s and medical staff were able to remove all of the tumor and his immediate recuperation is astounding. We give honor and glory to Jesus for directing the their hands and for healing him.

By God’s grace Carol received a job which she likes very much.  Also Al won his legal case.  These came about because of God’s goodness and by prayer.  Praise God!


We believe that because of prayer it resulted in everything going well with Mrs. Harris’ pregnancy and delivery of a healthy baby girl. Also we believe because of prayer it resulted in Albert winning his legal battle. Praise God!!


After suffering a number of miscarriages, by prayer and trusting God, Marie was able to successfully carry and deliver a healthy baby girl.  Needless to say, she and her husband are both ecstatic.  The baby has been home for several weeks now.  I wanted to wait before posting this miraculous event.  Praise God!


We received word that Ryan got his G.E.D. . Praise God! This will open more doors for job opportunities as well as allow him to further pursue his educational goals.

Received conformation on 9/8/09,

As an answer to prayer, Bob, a school teacher, was placed in a job at his desired location. In the name of Jesus, thank you and praise you so much Father(God). Let all of God’s people say Amen!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Praise the Lord. thanks to God’s kindness and your prayers, missionary David in Taiwan has enjoyed the lowest blood pressure in 5 years Thanks

7/16/09 Update: As a result of prayer Joanne moved into her beautiful new apartment about a week ago. Praise God!

Renald had very serious legal problems but as a result of prayer God gave him total victory. All charges have been dropped and he is a happy man. Praise God!

Burt was diagnosed with lung cancer.  As a result of prayer and because of God’s goodness Burt has received a clean bill of health. He is completely healed of cancer.  Praise God!

A young married couple wanted so much to have children.  As time progressed it seemed as though it might not happen.  But through persistent prayer God graciously answered the prayers of the saints and this young brother’s wife is pregnant with their first son.  Praise God! He is so good.

9/1/08  God has honored the prayers of the saints.  Thank you Father, in Jesus’ Name.  Amen!  Joanne has been in a drug rehab program for about two weeks now.  She is doing quite well. 

Due to a skiing accident Elise suffered broken ribs and a fractured vertebrae.  After the combined efforts of prayer her condition improved rather quickly.  She has since returned to work.  Praise God!

Anthony’ s son had a very large tumor in his chest area.  He went to Texas to receive surgery from a specialist.  As a result of prayer the operation was a complete success.  Praise God for His goodness!

9/1/08  God has honored the prayers of the saints.  Thank you Father, in Jesus’ Name.  Amen!  Joanne has been in a drug rehab program for about two weeks now.  She is doing quite well. 


After much prayer by many saints of God Mr. and Mrs. Rivera, a very wonderful young couple, are now going to have their first son.  Mrs. Rivera is scheduled to give birth in December.  Praise God!!  He settles the barrenwoman in her home as a happy mother of children.” Psalm 113:9.

(UPDATE: Dee now has two jobs and they both want her for permanent fulltime employment.  Although she has chosen one for the time being she will work for both.)

Dee was very much in need of a job.  May 23rd was the last day at her most recent place of employment. She is an excellent worker who because of emotional abuse decided to leave.  We believe that the administrator, who by the way, was mean to other employees as well who were also forced to leave, is quite possibly involved in demonic activities.  A number of the new employees brought in are practicing witches.  The place of employment is in receivership.  It is perceived that part of the plan is to bring in their own employees(friends well acquainted with each other) to replace those already employed at this nursing home.  Almost one month to the day God opened a new door of employment for Dee, and needless to say she is ecstatic.  Praise God!

Dee is a born again Christian(Please see Nicodemus’ encounter with Jesus in John Chapter 3. The term born again is not simply another one of mans’ movements but originates from the heart of God.) who works hard to please God and to help everyone in her path.  And the God of the Bible has shown once again that He is faithful.  As it says in His Word, “The LORD is a refugefor the oppressed,a stronghold intimesoftrouble.” Psalm 9:9Dee works tirelessly helping the young and the elderly.  And this is God’s promise for people who serve the Lord like her.  “Blessedis he who has regard for the weak;the LORD delivers him in times of trouble.  The LORD will protecthim and preserve his life; he will bless him in the landand not surrender him to the desire of his foes.” Psalm 41:1-2

Young Davi had a rash for which his mother was much concerned. While on the way home to pick him up and take him to the hospital his mother called and asked us to pray for him. As a result of our prayer God miraculously began healing him. When she got home he was dramatically better. Praise God!!

Glen is in a rehab program now. Praise God!

Several months ago Lyonel and his family were in jeopardy of losing their house. After prayer went forth for sometime God showed forth His power. Now, not only is Lyonel’s family safe and secure in their current house but they are looking to buy a second house as well. Praise God!!

Janice was able to buy a new condo. She is very pleased with it. Praise God!

Seth was able to sell his bike for a good price. Praise God!

After 15 years of smoking cigarettes, with God’s help, Tiffany was able to quit cold turkey. Praise God!!

Janice’s condo finally sold. Praise God!

Rebecca’s father was facing a financial and legal situation. We agreed in prayer and God has blessed Him. We give God all the Glory and Honor. Rebecca writes, “Thank you. Prayer is wonderful. God has blessed my dad.”

Seth received a much desired job transfer and then a promotion. Praise God!

Praise God! God blessed Sharon with a beautiful car.

After prayer went forth sometime ago it was so good to find out that Keisha’s lost cat had returned home. Praise God!

Jesus loves you.