“Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning” (James 1:17 Kings James Version).

While at work I try to write something each day to encourage those around me. As a counselor working with men coming out of prison and navigating their way back into society, in an effort to motivate them, I have presented some the following material:

NOTE: There may be some things that I might change or omit if I have a chance to revisit some of the things written here. 

Reciprocate – means to pay back. The law of reciprocity: = Give and it will be given back to you. Gentlemen what you put out will come back to you. If you show mercy you will receive mercy in return. It you judge others you will be judged. What you put into each meeting and into each day’s activities is what you will get back from it. It is your life please learns to live it to the fullest.

THINK ABOUT IT: Perpetual means “continuing or continued without intermission or interruption.” IN OTHER WORDS IT MEANS ONGOING. Ideally this means MAKING UP YOUR MIND to live with this attitude. EXAMPLES: I won’t pick up again. I will make it to my job every day. I will be kind to others. I will make it my business to mind my business today. I will not gossip, etc.  

REPETITION is “The act of repeating or doing, saying, or writing something again.” Learning to live or do something right and making it a regular part of your life is very, very important. Think about when you were learning to tie your shoes. It took repeated actions until you leaned to do it right. Good behavior must be decided upon and practiced until it just becomes a regular part of who you are. THINK OF IT THIS WAY: Your name, when mentioned, should become synonymous (identical, the same) with good.

UNLEARN – “This means to change the way that you have learned to think or do thingsusually because that way is not good or useful.” For example: If the rules in the building include not smoking this means that the person will not smoke in his room or even restrooms/bathrooms. If the rules say that the meeting starts at 8:00 that person will make every effort to get there on time….

PONDER: What we think in our minds (focus most on/much of the time) and do with our hands (helping to cause confusion, division amongst others, or working to advance peace, tells us who we are. AS YOU THINK ABOUT THIS YOU CAN FILL IN THE BLANKS OR SUBSTITUTE FOR OTHER EXAMPLES.

Gentlemen (CHAMPIONS IN THE MAKING) the time to prepare to deal with situations in life is not during the challenge but before it begins. PREPARATION (ahead of time) includes praying, learning to forgive, not holding on to resentment, etc.

Courage defined means, “The quality of mind or spirit that enables a person to face difficulty, danger, pain, etc., without fear.” Even when afraid you have to take a stand and do it anyhow. You find that when you take a step of faith that fear will itself will have to back off. The more you do the right thing (not go into bars, not hang around with people who are using, not hang around with people who commit crimes) the stronger you will become.

No matter how a day starts you can turn it around. In the same way no matter what the first part of your life has been like you can turn it around.

As much as it is in your power never leave a task undone.

Whenever you are given a job remember that you are putting your signature on it. You want someone to come into the area you were assigned and say “WOW I know who did this” (in a positive way) rather than “OH NO I KNOW WHO DID THIS JOB” (in a negative way).

Another note on COURAGE: Gentlemen, it takes courage to continue with your goals when facing opposition. Just remember that sometimes after doing something for such a long period of time people think that it will all get better immediately. When trying to get things in proper order it takes time and effort to get to where you are on top of things and even then we must be vigilant.


PONDER: WHERE ARE YOU GOING? WHAT ARE YOUR PLANS? Setting realistic goals and TAKING THE PROPER STEPS to accomplish them is very, very important.

Are you signing up for this? The power of one person’s life – who has decided to live right – has the potential of having monumental effects on the lives of so many others. We are who we are when no one is looking… The truth always prevails in the end…

THIS ONE REQUIRES THOUGHT: FRAGILE means in part ‘EASILY BROKEN DELICATE: LACKING IN VIGOR (STRENGTH).’  The more fragile a person is the more he or she has to have everything their way. For Example: When working a job (which has already established rules) or being a participant in a program that is meant to help that person get his or her life together – instead of taking much needed advice or honestly evaluating one’s condition and the need to follow rules that have proven to be successful toward bettering one’s life he or she wants to make up their own rules and do it their way. Isn’t it amazing that when facing a very complex math problem how when we learn a seemingly simple formula how that otherwise difficult and almost impossible math equation becomes so simple to do?

If you have truly made up your mind to make continuous decisions (try your best) to do the right thing you should realize that you will find great success (living sober, having a good job, happy with your life, etc.). You don’t lose unless you quit.

Dedication defined means “Committing yourself to something.” When you learn to go after something that is right and pure with your heart, soul, mind and strength nothing can deter or stop you from succeeding.

Whether it is giving up cigarette smoking, substance abuse, or anything else a person is trying to accomplish, more important than any method is a decision in his or her heart to quit.

If you are hanging with someone who doesn’t like rules and hates authority you’re hanging with the wrong person. THINK ABOUT IT: The more someone does not adhere to rules the more difficult it will be for that person as he goes navigates through life because there are rules everywhere. FOR EXAMPLE: If you throw something heavy up in the air you had better get out of the way because the rule (law) of gravity is going to bring it back down. If a person takes something from a store without paying for it the rule of law (being arrested) means that he goes to jail, etc.

If you are hanging with someone who doesn’t like rules and hates authority you’re hanging with the wrong person. THINK ABOUT IT: The more someone does not adhere to rules the more difficult it will be for that person as he goes navigates through life because there are rules everywhere. FOR EXAMPLE: If you throw something heavy up into the air you had better get out of the way because the rule (law) of gravity is going to bring it back down. If a person takes something from a store without paying for it the rule of law (being arrested) means that he goes to jail, etc.

Learning to properly plan ahead helps one to avoid the various pitfalls in life.

HOW DID I GET HERE? While what we have done is extremely IMPORTANT what we are doing now is even MORE IMPORTANT.

While where we have been is extremely important it is even more important to ask oneself, “Where am I going?”

True humility is strength not a weakness. Being humble allows one the power to not think of ourselves as being above or better than others. When we walk in humility we are not easily offended (it does not seek its own glory or recognition). No task is beneath us if it means helping someone else to improve their station in life.

A person being genuine is a quality that seems to be so lacking in today’s society.

GOING ON A SPECIAL TRIP TO REVISIT GRATITUDE: I am thankful to be alive today. I am happy to be in a program like _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _. I am thankful to get another chance at succeeding in life. I am thankful _y o u   f_i_l_l_ i_n_ t_h_e_ b_l_a_n_k_____________________…

Learning to live by truth is a humbling situation. Proper and honest assessment of ourselves is quite sobering. It is of chief importance that we realize that we are not above others. We must not think of ourselves as better than others (no one is perfect) yet we must come to see that each of our lives is like an instrument that we should work to fine tune for optimal (best) usage.

Gentlemen, let us not be governed by our emotions. “Fear → feeling afraid. Anger → feeling angry. A stronger word for anger is rage.” We must learn to replace anger with peace and fear with courage. If one allows himself to be led by his negative emotions he or she is likely to do or say something that will negatively affect his or her life (the consequences can be enormous.


PATIENCE: There’s that word again. What does patience in its true form look like? Patience in part means learning to wait without complaining. Think about it (this requires contemplation): If a person complains or gets upset (loses their cool) over something that doesn’t go exactly the way they wanted it to go or as soon as that person wanted it to happen they will have go through it again and again until he or she learns to respond without complaining (what they are trying to accomplish also must also be (re)evaluated.

FACING FEAR HEAD ON: Our goal is to work on becoming absolutely (positively) motivated today. If we are sensitive enough we can begin to see things in a different light. F – false E – evidence A – appearing R – real.  CHILDREN CAN TEACH US: When children are learning to walk – if they fall what do they do? The get up and try again and again until they succeed. When one has not been successful and/or has been out of the center of society for an extended period of time going back into the world can be scary. Please know that there is help and support for you. Ask and you will receive. YOU CAN SUCCEED!

One life is worth more than ALL THE RICHES the world has to offer. Each one OF YOU is special. Don’t take today’s blessings for granted. YOU HAVE A PURPOSE TO FULFILL. The fact that you are alive today is proof enough that there something more for you to do. ACHIEVE!

LEARNING TO THINK RIGHT (replacing negative thinking with positive thinking is not just a matter of mental gymnastics but a complete transformation of one’s spirit (a rearranging of the furniture in – THE INSIDE MAN – THE WAY WE SEE LIFE) –QUESTION: ASK YOURSELF: What are two or three things that I have accomplished in life that I am proud of? LEARNING TO FOCUS ON THE POSITIVE RATHER THAN THE NEGATIVE: Receiving positive feedback in the way of encouragement from others is helpful but one of life’s most valuable lessons is learning to encourage yourself. It is so important to learn to major on the positives and minor on the negatives. BEGIN TO FOCUS ON THE TIMES WHEN YOU HIT HOMERUNS LITERALLY AND FIGURATIVELY. EXAMPLES: I passed the math test. I got the job. I was able to help someone else, etc. .

LOVE: Learning to love ourselves is ideal. Learning to love others is the (super) natural next step from there. Love doesn’t hold grudges, the possessor (he or she) doesn’t think of themselves as being better than or above others, the holder (person who loves) seeks to help all who he or she comes into contact with. At the end of each day this person rests knowing that he or she has treated everyone with the utmost respect. Under the heading of LOVE one of the many rewards that one receives is a sense of PEACE that can come no other way.

Focus: Centering our attention on what really matters is a major key to succeeding in our endeavors. We must train ourselves to not let the things that come up in life on a regular basis (the day to day challenges) deter us from accomplishing our goals.

How a man receives and adheres (follows or sticks) to instruction will make the difference in whether he succeeds or fails. Taking good (the right) advice will lead to many victories.

When all is said and done in this life we will have gotten out of it what we put into it. If we approach the day with a half hearted effort we will reap less than the best results. You can only get out of your bank account what you put into it. If you plant an apple tree you will not get pears. If a man parties away his earnings he will be penniless. In the end you will reap what you have sown.  

Responsibility: I take full responsibility for thoughts and actions.

Boundaries: Learning the law of boundaries is so significant in life. When you really learn this principle you begin to see that rather than being more restrictive that actually you can see more of the beauty and actual freedoms that we have.

Grateful: I am thankful to be alive today and to get another chance to succeed in life. I will do better today than I did yesterday. I am working on making the necessary improvements to advance in my status. Some of the things I am working on include, patience, thinking positively about me and others, choosing my words more carefully, and judging myself rather than others (to make the necessary improvements needed for my own life).

To ‘Weather the storm’ means “to be able to continue doing something despite serious problems.” What is your perspective on yesterday’s storm? Was it as ferocious as they predicted it to be? Your perception of what happened yesterday and the effects still being felt today can tell you a lot about yourself. Questions: How do I see it? How does it affect me? We must learn to be able to ‘weather the storms’ of life if we are going to reach our full potential.

Becoming more and more confident in one’s own self and abilities is very important as it relates to finding your place in life. Also, one must learn not compare his or herself with others. Everyone has something extremely important to offer to and for the betterment of others.

FINDING YOUR PLACE IN LIFE: Becoming more and more confident in one’s own self and abilities is very important as it relates to finding your place in life. Also, one must learn not compare his or herself with others. Everyone has something extremely important to offer to and for the betterment of others. THIS WRITER HUMBLY ADDS THAT WE ALL HAVE A LEVEL OF IMPORTANCE.

LIVING RIGHT in part MEANS NEVER HAVING TO DEFEND YOURSELF AGAINST FALSE ACCUSATION(S): Learning to live first – what we speak (although no one is perfect) – is something that each person should strive for. ACTION speaks so much louder than words. Hypocrisy will keep one from achieving a great part of what life is really meant to be and will bite him or her in the end, even if it appears that for now that person is succeeding or ‘getting over.’

Pitfall: one definition of pitfall is “A hidden or not easily recognized danger or difficulty” another is “a large hole in the ground.” ALLOWING ONESELF TO BECOME OFFENDED is a major pitfall in life. Offenses come in different ways. One person may become offended if he or she was not invited to a party. Another may become offended when at a certain gathering someone did not come over to speak with him or her.

Learning the secret of not becoming offended in life will help people to avoid many unnecessary problems (health wise and otherwise).

Another day of life = another day of unlimited possibilities. I will take every opportunity to make not only improvements in my own life but I will also help everyone I come into contact with to the best of my abilities and beyond…

RESISTANCE: It does not feel like fun when a person is going through one of the many trials of life, but if you are able to manage the situation you come through stronger on the other side. Without some sort of resistance we do not grow. One simple example is that of lifting weights (resistance training). The more weight a person is able to lift properly the stronger the person lifting becomes. This is a major principle in life.

Character is largely judged or determined by how we pay our bills. Don’t worry; we are all growing in this area. But is a good idea to begin working on this part of our lives today.

Begin each day with a smile.

Each person brings something of value to the table. Even if you don’t feel like it please be informed that you are appreciated. LOOK AT THIS WAY AS WE INTERLOCK: You are an important piece in the puzzle of life. Everyone has something to offer.

A life of peace helps us to not easily be offended.

STATE OF BEING = “Condition of mind or temperament.” Joy, Peace, Happiness, Serenity, Calmness, Kindness, Goodness, we are working on our state of being. There is a work going on within each of us – Positive or Negative. We should all ask ourselves this most important question, “What are my true motives?” This will tell us about our true selves (who we are).

Please do not get caught up with people who spend their time gossiping about others. You have too much to do to worry about what others are doing. It is better to mind your own business rather than to snoop around minding someone else’s.

Season: The definition for season includes, “Period, time, or time of year.” While the most common usage of the word implies winter, spring, summer, or fall today let’s look at time or period or even periods of time. As we look at discipline being applied to our lives we must learn to spend seasons (or time) applying ourselves to studying, working, learning and practicing patience, being honest with ourselves (and living honestly), properly assessing our skill levels and desiring to learn more and more and more…

There are so many similarities in sports that can be drawn from or compared to life. So if life was a game and it is not, just as we could say that there are 24 seconds on the shot clock in professional basketball, we can say that today there are another 24 hours on the shot clock of life. Although there are sometimes vicissitudes (things we don’t have control over) that come up, we want to make and take every opportunity to win (be successful).

Genuine love does not look out for self only. In fact, even more than for one’s self, genuine love means being more interested in helping our neighbor to make improvements in his or her condition. Of course, the better our own health and the stronger we are positions us to be most helpful to others.

When facing the many challenges that come our way in life we find out what we are really made of (the real us shows up). Truth always beats a lie. Being honest with ourselves is very significant. Sometimes people are in  negative situations because of foolish choices they have made. In cases like that you have to own up to it (accept responsibility) and make the necessary corrections. WE ARE MOVING FORWARD IN LIFE.

Learning the secret of joy helps us through what otherwise could sometimes be referred to as doom and gloom. Instead of seeing through lenses (goggles if you will) of negativity you can begin working on seeing things from a positive perspective. This could turn out to be the best day of your life thus far.

VALUES: “One’s judgment of what is important in life.” What things do you hold most dear to you? Do you value honesty? Do you care about the condition of others? Is education important to you? Take time and ask yourself these types of questions. What you find will be quite enlightening. This type of exercise will help you in your quest to establish yourself in life.

KINDNESS is not a weakness. It is strength. We must make it our business to take care of ourselves and be concerned about the welfare of others. This is rather weighty but how we think in our hearts and minds and feel about ourselves and toward others profoundly affects our overall wellbeing.

CHAMPION: Begin to see yourself in a new way! Instead of worrying about failures and mistakes of the past and about how others may think of you in a negative way you should begin to believe that you can achieve. Why? Because you can!

Convince: “To cause (someone) to believe that something is true.” GENTLEMEN, each of you is special. No matter what you have done or been through there is still hope for you. Don’t throw in the towel. Don’t give up. Don’t let discouragement live in your house (being). You have the ability deep down inside to make it in this life (SMILE)!

The Real Us: We find out who we really are, not when everything is hunky-dory (quite satisfactory), but when we are faced with some of the things that we have tried help others with. POINT: It is always easier to offer advice/suggestions to someone else who is going through something when you are not experiencing the same type of emergency yourself. When facing TRIALS IN LIFE: How do we respond? Are we as cool, calm and collected as we are when everything is going smooth? The good thing too is that we are all WIP’s (Works IProgress). Be honest with yourself but also don’t be so hard on yourself.

Don’t let your current situation stop you! It has been said that every setback is a setup for a comeback. I would add that when faced with great opposition or challenges, one having a firm foundation (being firmly established that he or she is right that is), must learn to face it head on. When a person is in the habit of doing good things consistently it must be recognized by all, those who oppose him or her, and those on the same team (so to speak) that he or she is on the right side of the situation. Gentlemen, you must establish yourselves in right doing (getting to work consistently, living sober,

When faced with great opposition or challenges, one having a firm foundation (being firmly established that he or she is right that is), must learn to face it head on. When a person is in the habit of doing good things consistently it will be recognized by all. Gentlemen, you must establish yourselves in right doing (getting to work consistently, living sober, staying focused, etc.). Getting the idea of living right from the head into the heart makes for a bright future no matter what your current situation may look like you can do it. You can succeed!

A CHAMPIONS DO AND DO NOT LIST: Gentlemen, you must establish yourselves in ‘right doing’ (getting to work consistently, living sober, helping others in need, etc.) vs. ‘wrong doing’ (hanging out too late at night, not making it to work, being selfish, etc.) .

GOALS: Today I will make an effort to be kind to everyone I come into contact with. I will put my best effort into completing whatever tasks are before me. I will make it to each meeting on time. I will be sure to practice gratitude. I will (YOU) f i l l   i n t h e b l a n k s …

KEY POINTS TO MAINTAINING ONE’S HEALTH: Even if offended I will not retaliate. Even if clearly wronged I will not seek revenge. Even if denied I will not allow unresolved anger to build up in my heart and grow into bitterness. BITTERNESS is like cancer it breaks down the immune system, spiritually, emotionally and physically.

Let’s work on being doers rather than just talkers. Each of us has a lot of room for making improvements in our own lives. Take a moment and think about some the areas that you can work on. LIFE IS MEANT TO BE EXCITING. WE SHOULD NOT COMPARE OURSELVES WITH OTHERS. This is not about competition it is about helping each other.

Here we are again. It is another day and another opportunity to succeed. When you have been taken advantage of by someone you trusted it is important to not let that experience sour your disposition. Instead of refusing to trust again we should instead balance each opportunity and decision with still a desire to help whoever we can while being careful at the same time…

THINK ABOUT IT: Everyone has potential. Find the right goals to achieve and go for it! However, you must learn to focus on the right things.

LEAVING THE PAST BEHIND: For many leaving the past behind may be much easier said than done. What this means, by the way, is that you don’t have to let yesterday’s failures continue to interrupt your progress in life. Even if you have failed many, many times you can begin a succession of accomplishments. When Lincoln ran for political office he failed to succeed many times but because he did not give up AND WAS WILLING TO TRY AGAIN he actually went on to become President of the United States. YOU CAN SUCCEED!

Embracing what is good and discarding that which is bad: It is so important that each of us through the process of time learn the difference between what is right and what is wrong. For example one of things that would be right is learning to pay our bills while one of the things that would be detrimental (wrong) would be going back to the old hang outs. But Remember: It is one thing to know the difference between right and wrong intellectually (in your mind) but it is entirely a different thing to put into practice what is considered right behavior.

LIFE: Waiting patiently, while moving forward in life, is among the highest priorities. DON’T BECOME DISCOURAGED: Accomplishments come in small pieces (getting an ID, getting into the habit of making it to appointments on time, etc.) as well as large ones (getting the job, the apartment/room, reconnecting with family and love ones, etc.).  

Getting proper instructions and then utilizing them makes the difference between success and failure. Of the many directions that one will receive in life being kind to others is always the way to go.

Some people thrive by looking for negative things to report on their fellow citizens. Instead of wasting your energy by looking to find fault in others let us begin to look for ways of building each other up. When one has to find some fault in others to make themselves look or feel better this means that this individual actually (has no confidence) thinks less of himself. Remember that we are all WORKS in PROGRESS.

PATIENCE and PERSEVERANCE: I am working on thinking more positively. I realize that it takes time to move from one realm of life to the next but I am certain that by making improvements in my thinking that by this time tomorrow I will be in a much better place even if it is not so evident to the natural eye at first.

Learning to give with no expectation of repayment from the individual you are helping is a great place to be in life. In other words you don’t give just to get. When you do something for someone you don’t say that, “You owe me one.” You’re just delighted that you had the opportunity to help. This is a level of maturity (a place you arrive at) that cannot just be taught to an individual but must begin to be acted out on a regular basis in order to truly learn it. The funny thing about it all is that when you give from your heart it always returns back to you in some way, shape, form, or fashion.

This day will never come again. What a great time to do something special. It is actually an opportunity of immeasurable growth. Remember that true growth takes place on the journey. How we respond to the challenges on this very day will determine where we go and how we grow.

This day will never come again. How we respond to the challenges that each day brings, whether in the work place, during travel near and far, or the news received just now, will determine where we go and how we grow. Do not let setbacks take you off course.

True growth takes place on the journey (when we do not allow ourselves to become frustrated to the point of where we lose our focus but instead learn to properly respond to challenges, setbacks, delays, and unexpected things along the way) not when we reach the destination.

True growth takes place on the journey (when we do not allow ourselves to become frustrated to the point of where we lose our focus but instead learn to properly respond to challenges, setbacks, delays, and unexpected things along the way) not when we reach the destination.

WE MOST OFTEN THINK OF INTRUMENTS AS IT PERTAINS TO MAKING MUSIC BUT EACH PERSON IS ALSO AN INSTRUMENT: If we are to be instruments of virtue let us make every effort to be helpful in making things better for those around us.

One of the greatest accomplishments in life is learning patience. The definition for Patience includes, “endurance, staying power,” and “tolerance.” It means waiting without complaining.

If we can believe we can accomplish what would otherwise be impossible. Figuratively speaking we can learn to eat the impossibilities in life for lunch.

What message are you sending to those around you? Are you the kind of person who is willing to offer assistance to others who might need your help? Are you willing to go the extra mile? The answers you give to these questions will tell you a whole lot about who you are. WE ARE ALL IN THIS THING CALLED LIFE TOGETHER. PLEASE MAKE THE MOST OF IT. AND REMEMBER, NO MATTER WHAT YOUR LIFE HAS BEEN LIKE SO FAR, THAT ANYONE CAN CHANGE FOR THE BETTER.

Being READY includes ‘being prepared, organized, and equipped.’ Repetition has its place in life but IT IS SO IMPORTANT TO BE CAREFUL what it is that we are practicing. THINK ABOUT THAT FOR A WHILE…

Being READY includes ‘being prepared, organized, and equipped.’ Repetition has its place in life but IT IS SO IMPORTANT TO BE CAREFUL what it is that we are practicing. Instead practice making things really perfect what we do on a regular basis actually becomes more of a habit. THINK ABOUT THAT FOR A WHILE…

Destination: The meaning of destination also includes, “Purpose, target, goal, aim,” and “intention.” We have made up our minds that our intentions are always good (doing the right thing) and we are aiming for a destination called SUCCESS.

In the midst of all that goes on in this life having an understanding of your purpose, a prescribed plan of action and maintaining one’s focus is extremely important.

Advantage = “Plus, gain,” and “benefit.” Today is a day like no other. In fact this day will never come again. We will take advantage of every opportunity afforded to us today. I will approach my work detail, the next meeting, and each interaction with a new attitude. I AM EXTREMELY GRATEFUL!

SUCCESS: Taking a firm stand and sticking with it is a very important step in life. This means, no matter what happens – (in terms of obstacles in your way, or in some cases things not turning out the way you had planned) – that you are so determined to succeed that you will stop at nothing. YOU CAN DO IT!

LEARNING TO APPRECIATE: I am extremely grateful! I am thankful that I am alive today. I am happy to have a roof over my head. I appreciate the opportunity to be in a program and to have a chance to work on getting a job. I am just so glad to be here today… YOU CAN ADD WHATEVER OTHER THINGS YOU ARE APPRECIATIVE OF AS WELL.

TODAY: Although you have the makings of a CHAMPION and are extremely important it is rather humbling when one comes to grips with the fact that no one is irreplaceable to the point that the job won’t get done or the meeting won’t be good if you don’t offer your services or input. LISTEN: You just do your part and let others do their parts and together we can make up a TEAM. Have CONFIDENCE in your own abilities and look to assist anyone you can on this road of life.

I realize that the decisions I make today will affect my life and my relationship with my significant others for the rest of my life. I am through with making bad decisions. I am focused on making right choices for the rest of my life. THINGS ARE GOING TO GET BETTER AND BETTER FOR ME!

There is a proper place in life for everyone. Optimal contentment (true happiness, pleasure, satisfaction) can only be found when we truly search for it and find it for ourselves.

If you learn to make it a habit of doing good to others you will reap great benefits.

The keen man or woman observes everything. The wise person does not judge from the outer appearance (although there can be reason for concern) but has learned to look upon the heart of each person. We must listen carefully because ‘at the end of the day’ our mouths (what we say – how we talk) reveals the real us.

NATURE: In the natural world something is going on all the time. The ants are working to store up for the coming seasons, the birds have by this time formed their nests in the trees, plants are blooming, etc. . The men here are planning their futures. While working toward accomplishing our goals we must learn to be content in the things that are presently going on. The day to day tasks, finishing our chores, making it to meetings on time are all preparing me for my future.

CHOICES: Every day we are faced with options that we must deal with. EXAMPLE 1: PERSON IN NEED OF HELP: Option A: Help the person B. Don’t help this person. DECISION: I choose Option A. I will help this person. EXAMPLE 2: MAKING IT TO WORK: Option A: I am not going in today. B: I will make it in today. DECISION: I choose option B. I will make it in to work today. (Add in your example.)…

Each person must determine in his own heart that he is going to do what needs to be done in order to make progress. It is so much easier to make excuses than to take ownership of one’s condition in life. Let us no longer blame others for our situations but let us take responsibility for our own lives and behaviors. WE CAN DO THIS!

No matter how a life starts you can turn it around.

As a new day begins we will hit the ground running. We’ll be sure to be kind to others as we work on completing the goals at hand. Let me see: Goal #1 Pray – Meditate, Goal #2 Be kind to others, Goal #3 Watch out for negative thinking, Goal #4 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ …

CHANGED THINKING: After doing self-inventory we realize that it is not at all wise to go back to doing the things that got us to where we are today.

Living right means not doing the foolish things that got us into certain predicaments.

The worth of Having PEACE in one’s life is invaluable. The worth of FINDING YOUR PURPOSE in life is incalculable.

Life is an ever evolving process (change is inevitable). I must not give up. I will make it to my next destination (work, living arrangements, family connections/friends/associates, etc.).

IF YOU CAN HEAR THIS: What is viewed as impossible is entirely possible. You can be successful, you can get a good job, you can learn more (No matter what has happened or not happened in the past you do can succeed!)…

In order to truly advance in life a person has to be willing to make the necessary changes when the need for improvement is recognized. Our thinking and perspectives will have to change if we’re going to go to newer heights spiritually, emotionally, and physically.

REASON(S): You are here for a reason. We are all here for reasons. In addition to other things we are all here for the reason of leaving wherever we may be or have been better than whatever was before. That includes work environments, family connections, and everything else.  

Asking the question, ‘What is most important to me? And answering it will tell you all you need to know about yourself. If just taking care of yourself (your needs) and getting what you want is your only concern – we need to make some serious adjustments.

There is a better way. There are still opportunities for all of us to make improvements in our lives. Don’t give up! Don’t lose heart!

This is the first day of summer. Be thoroughly encouraged and have a great day!

REALITY: You could be just one decision away from finally making it! Very, very often the greatest trials in life happen just before your greatest breakthroughs. So don’t you dare give up!

ENGAGE: I will not engage in foolishness. I am only working on things that will advance my standing in life. I have a bright future. I must, of course, put first things first. Let’s see: FOR THE FIRST DAYS THERE ARE RESTRICTIONSI WILL TAKE CARE OF PROBATION or PAROLE ISSUESI WILL WORK ON GETTING MY ID and TALK TO MY CASE MANAGER ABOUT JOB POSSIBLILITIES (and other things I need to work on)ETC.

Self talk: Telling oneself that, “I am a winner,” while not becoming prideful (thinking that you are better than someone else) is a good thing. Other examples can include, “I will not go back to my old way of life,” and, “I will make it my business to help whoever I can when called upon,” are also good examples of self talk.

Teachable: We must realize that no one in his or herself has all of the answers. We must remain teachable. Let us go on a deeper venture toward learning starting today. Are you on board? Don’t get left behind.

SPECIAL: Whether you have been told before or not you are special. That’s right you’re special!

Complacent: We should never get to a point where we think that we have fully arrived. Don’t just sit back and think that all is done. Life is ever moving and if we don’t keep in step with the times we will miss out on many of the good opportunities that may come our way.

We should always be aware of what is going on around us. We don’t have to join in with certain proceedings as it relates to negativity. Instead we want to become beacons of light so we can help others find their way. OF COURSE, LIKE ANYTHING ELSE WORTH GETTING THIS TAKES TIME.

BOUNDARIES: Learning to stay in your own lane is an important principle in life. This is mine and that is his can be taken to all kinds of different levels. That is his girlfriend/wife I have or will find my own, that is his/her money I will work to earn my own, that is his/her car when I am able to I will buy my own, etc.

What one believes largely determines the outcome. Speaking positive words has a major effect on your life.

As far as being given the utmost respect one should not be questioned about his or her religious affiliation or the particular lifestyle that they live. Everyone deserves to be treated fairly.

REALMS: There are natural and spiritual realms. In the natural we understand what is meant by a land mine (a mine usually placed just below the surface of the ground and designed to be exploded), but what people too often don’t understand is that there are spiritual land mines as well. According to one author some of, “The most common include pride, jealousy and envy, insecurity, compromise, unforgiveness, discouragement, fear,… and slothfulness.”

Realizing one’s own shortcomings helps us not to be so quick to judge others in a negative fashion.

Learning to have patience (endurance, staying power, tolerance, lack of complaint, and so much more) and actually putting it into practice is one of the most important lessons in life.

HUMILITY: Contrary to what many people think being humble does not mean walking around with your head hung down saying me oh my. While it does have elements of not thinking of yourself as being better than someone else it also means having strength but keeping it under control (discipline).

Your road to recovery begins the minute that you seriously make up your mind to do something about your current situation!

It is true that many things do change around us. But the truth never does. It always remains the same. Treat others how you yourself want to be treated and benefits will return to you many times over.

TRUTH: The so called facts given in a court case can change as the trial develops. But as the real truth of the case is developed the outcome will as well. It is important to know yourself. And learning boundaries is an crucial part of being successful in life.

Do not let your past get in the way of your future!

There is no therapy like work therapy.

Today is going to be better than yesterday. I have made up my mind that I am going take the straight road. No more taking short cuts for me.

Learning to truly forgive others brings about healing for oneself.

If you can learn how to forgive yourself you can then learn how to forgive others and it makes life (living) so much better.

Being honest with ourselves means in part taking proper assessment of our skills. Left to his or herself no one person has all the answers and abilities to complete the necessary tasks in life. This is where TEAM comes into play.

Learning that each one has something unique to offer and is just as important as the next person is monumental.

TRUST: Trust is like faith. Everyone has a bit of faith. For example: When you went to bed last night you trusted that you would wake up this morning. When you sat down in your chair you simply trusted that it would support your body weight. You should begin to believe that you can make it in life without resorting to the use of substances that work against your betterment.

DESIRING TO LEARN MORE If we are going to make necessary advancements in our lives we must be willing to entertain the possibility of changing the way we think. Distinguishing between right and wrong is one of the major keys between success and failure.

WHAT KIND OF DAY WILL YOU HAVE TODAY? Even though you may have been mistreated by those responsible for bringing you up in this world or you may have even been wrongly treated by a supposed friend YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE KIND OF DAY YOU WILL HAVE!

Don’t hold grudges! It only leads to unhealthiness (spirit, soul, and body). Over time it will just wear you out.

If you want to know who has the potential to be your worst enemy just look in the mirror. If you want to know who has the potential to be your best advocate look again into the mirror.

YOU ARE A CHAMPION IN THE MAKING: As long as we are alive we will be faced with choices to make. That is just the way life is. The goal for each of us is to learn to make the right choices.

P.S. Don’t let your bad choices of the past get in the way of your right choices for now and the future.

In order to truly move forward in a way that is both most beneficial to oneself and those around him one must come to the end of himself.

TRUE GROWTH occurs only when TRUE EFFORT is put in. So it is absolutely true that YOU GET OUT OF IT (LIFE, EVERTHING) WHAT YOU PUT INTO IT!

TRUE GROWTH occurs only when TRUE EFFORT is put in. So it is absolutely true that YOU GET OUT OF IT (LIFE, EVERTHING) WHAT YOU PUT INTO IT!

TRUE GROWTH occurs only when TRUE EFFORT is put in. So it is absolutely true that YOU GET OUT OF IT (LIFE, EVERTHING) WHAT YOU PUT INTO IT!

TRUE GROWTH occurs only when TRUE EFFORT is put in. So it is absolutely true that YOU GET OUT OF IT (LIFE, EVERTHING) WHAT YOU PUT INTO IT!

The more honest we are to ourselves the further we make progress in life.

Learning something new should be a regular part of our lives every day.

There will always be an opportunity to do the right thing. Please choose wisely.

CONTENTMENT: Finding your place of true happiness, satisfaction, and pleasure is not accomplished by simply acquiring more things (stuff). Neither obtaining an expensive car, a house, nor a much sought after position, can satisfy one’s deepest unmet desires. WHAT EMPTY DREAM MIGHT YOU BE CHASING?

MAKING IMPROVEMENTS: There is an outside and inside of the self that must be worked on continually. Perpetual (ongoing) growth should be a regular part of our daily lives.

GAINING MORE STRENGTH: We are composed of three parts, spirit, soul (mind, will, and emotions), and body. We are working to make improvements in each of these areas. So we exercise the spirit, mind, and body on a daily basis.

Sometimes things don’t turn out the way people expect them to. When the plans that you made don’t turn out what do you do? Challenges are the way of life. How we respond to them makes the difference as to whether we grow.   

Being kind (not weak) to others is very important to your overall well being.

GROWTH: Gentlemen, it is important that you know that no matter how a day starts that you can turn it around. Gaining wisdom allows you to not become offended when you are treated unkindly by another person.

Holding your tongue can prove to be very advantageous to your future. Knowing when to be silent is just as important as having a timely word for someone.

There is no time like the present to start doing things in a better way. We certainly realize that we are not perfect but we aim for excellence.

Words are so powerful that they can make or break a person. They even reveal what is in a person’s heart.

The CEO is “the highest-ranking executive in a company,” and such a position is highly sought after by many. But learning to be the CEO of one’s own life is what is most important. The true value of learning to make wise decisions in and about your own life and realizing how precious it (life) is cannot be overestimated.

KEEP IT MOVING: Two of life’s unchanging ways are working and paying bills. Learning about momentum and how it works in life is essential to a person’s success. As has been previously mentioned flexibility and adaptability are key components in life.  

You may not realize it but you have the potential of impacting those around you BIG TIME. The question is whether we are impacting people for good or bad.

It should be that for a person who exercises, the stronger he or she becomes, the more they serve others. It should also be that for a person who studies, the more he or she learns, the more they want to share new found knowledge with others (in an unselfish fashion).

One mind functioning properly is more powerful than all of the computers everywhere throughout the world combined operating at full capacity.